Nordic machine eligibility rules

Rules for Nordic classic roadracing

Any changes to the regulations are decided by the annual Nordic Meeting, normally for implementation the following racing season.

The regulations for the following classes are managed by the Norwegian club CRC: Formula 80-87 class 7C F1(large), F2(small), Classic Superbike and Classic Supersport.

The regulations for all remaining classes including Parade and specifications common to all classes, are managed by the Swedish club MCHK-Racing, with the exception of the support classes Supermono and Nasjonal. 

The Swedish club also administrate the general rules that are valid for all classes. The general rules must be read together with the rule for each individual class, click on the link here.

Click on the class to se the rules for the class. The cc engine sizes and year limitations shown below will only give an indication of the type of bike used in the class. For precice spescifications see the rules for the respective class.